Polar coordinate System and converting equations from polar to rectangular and viceversa

Polar coordinate system is a plane with Pole(point O) and polar axis  which is horizontal axis from point O. Any point P in this plane is assigned polar coordinates represented as P(r, theta) we measure theta as positive when moving counterclockwise and negative when moving clockwise. If r > 0, then P is on the […]

Complex Numbers (Not so complex)

A complex number is represented as a+ib where a is real part and b is imaginary part. The complex number a+ib can also be represented as ordered pair(a,b) and plotted as a point in Argand plane. In this plane horizontal axis is called real axis and vertical axis is called imaginary axis. Complex numbers

Pascal’s Triangle and Binomial theorem

An algebraic expression containing two terms is called binomial expression. The general form of the binomial expression is (x+a) and the expansion of (x+a)^n, where n is a natural number, is called binomial theorem. It gives a formula for the expansion of the powers of binomial expression. The coefficients in the binomial expansion follow a […]