Interesting Exponential and Logarithmic functions

Exponential function:  Any function represented as f(x)=  is called exponential function, where a>0 and a . Domain of an exponential function is R, set of all real numbers and range is (0, ) because exponential function attains only positive  values. For more  on exponential and logarithmic functions, visit here…

Polar coordinate System and converting equations from polar to rectangular and viceversa

Polar coordinate system is a plane with Pole(point O) and polar axis  which is horizontal axis from point O. Any point P in this plane is assigned polar coordinates represented as P(r, theta) we measure theta as positive when moving counterclockwise and negative when moving clockwise. If r > 0, then P is on the […]

Complex Numbers (Not so complex)

A complex number is represented as a+ib where a is real part and b is imaginary part. The complex number a+ib can also be represented as ordered pair(a,b) and plotted as a point in Argand plane. In this plane horizontal axis is called real axis and vertical axis is called imaginary axis. Complex numbers