How to convey your wish to Universe !!!

First of all its important to have faith/trust on this universe and its powers. Make your mind strong that whatever you want to achieve, is coming to you , no matter what.

Faith can move the Mountains !!

To make your wish true , its important for you to visualize it and to visualize it , you must have faith …no, it should be BLIND FAITH on that universal power or diety to which you are going to address your wish.

For example, if you want your dream house , visualize it . See yourself in that house doing all the chores, cooking in the kitchen of that house , playing with kids in the garden of that house and all the activities which can make your dream more realistic. Visualize it day and night doing any work, going anywhere , while driving, walking …such that it get fed into your subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind never stops working, never gets tired, and never says no to any input it receives from you.

So feed it with your positive thoughts about your wish and it will do the rest for you to convery your wish to the supreme universal power.

And during all this process, never loose faith even for a second. Don’t let negative thoughts come to your way.

Some negative thoughts may come to your mind, someone may question your potential or someone just make fun of your dream/goal but you should have a firm belief and then see the magic of your mind power !!

Believe you can and you are halfway done !!

With Celestial Bliss ,