Understanding Related Rates

This is an important application of  differential calculus. Related rates is nothing but the study  of relations among different variables for the ongoing situation  and how they are changing with respect to another quantities. Here you can find real life word problems on related rates. Process of solving such problems is explained beautifully!

What is the difference between linear approximation and linearization.

There is  no difference between linear approximation and linearization. These are just two different ways to say the same thing.

Linear approximation is an important application of differential calculus.

Applications of integral Calculus

Integral has many applications right from finding areas under the curve to finding volume of solids of revolution, finding arc length, surface area, work done etc and many other applications of physics too.

Here you can find beautiful summary of finding volume by three methods (disk, washer and shell)  as well as  volume by cross sections along with  examples. Finding area under the curve is also discussed