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Celestial Thoughts

Hey folks ! Today i’m going to start a new chapter with you. We are going to invoke positive thoughts, in and around us to make this earth a better and beautiful place to live for all. This unverse is made up of two type of energies, positive and negative energy, created by our positive […]

Surface area of solid of revolution

If we revolve a curve y=f(x)  on the interval [a,b] about x axis, then we calculate area of resulting surface by breaking the curve into pieces as we did for arc length. A piece of curve of length dS at an average  distance y from x axis traces out a surface that is well approximated […]

How to find Arc Length of different curves ?

Length of a curve is called arc length.The method of finding arc length for different type of curves is very much similar, yet different formulas are used for them. Here we are going to study these formulas one by one. To find arc length of a curve defined  by function f(x) over a certain interval […]

Fluid Pressure and Force as applications of integral.

Hydrostatic pressure and force is an important application of integrals, also used in Physics. In this topic we deal with pressure and force exerted by fluids on submerged plates. When rectangular plate is submerged horizontally then force acting on it, is constant but when it is submerged vertically in water then pressure acting on it, […]

Logistic Differential Equations (LDE)

A Logistic Differential Equation (LDE) is an ordinary differential Equation whose solution is a logistic function. LDE(logistic differential equation) include two positive parameters – i) Growth parameter (growth rate)k: This parameter   plays a role similar to that of r in exponential differential equation. ii) Carrying capacity (M):The carrying capacity of an organism in a given […]

Understanding Related Rates

This is an important application of  differential calculus. Related rates is nothing but the study  of relations among different variables for the ongoing situation  and how they are changing with respect to another quantities. Here you can find real life word problems on related rates. Process of solving such problems is explained beautifully! Related Rates

Applications of integral Calculus

Integral has many applications right from finding areas under the curve to finding volume of solids of revolution, finding arc length, surface area, work done etc and many other applications of physics too. Here you can find beautiful summary of finding volume by three methods (disk, washer and shell)  as well as  volume by cross […]