How to convey your wish to Universe !!!

First of all its important to have faith/trust on this universe and its powers. Make your mind strong that whatever you want to achieve, is coming to you , no matter what. Faith can move the Mountains !! To make your wish true , its important for you to visualize it and to visualize it […]

Celestial Thoughts

Hey folks ! Today i’m going to start a new chapter with you. We are going to invoke positive thoughts, in and around us to make this earth a better and beautiful place to live for all. This unverse is made up of two type of energies, positive and negative energy, created by our positive […]

Welcome back to school- Fall 2018 !

I’m delighted to present this website to help the students all over the world. This website help students with their homework assignments and test preparations through two channels – Live help and Assignment help. This site encourage and motivate students for conceptual understanding of topics. I welcome all students to the new session. Lets start […]